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Jun. 8th, 2011

More than anything I wish you could have seen.
Could have known everything I had done,
everything I had changed for you.

I tried so hard,
I wanted so bad
for you to be mine

you can try and try
but be careful not to let that fire die,
for me it did,
so I ran and I hid.

I am sorry.


Tomorrow is my first day
I am not sure how I am feeling.

Sorta tired.

I dont know whats been going on lately
Ive been feeling out of the loop.
here and there, but not really anywhere.

I don't believe that all things happen for a reason,
but I do think there are things to learn from everything that happens.
Although similar, it is a different thought.

I don't know exactly why still.
I still can't say exactly why.
I don't feel good about it.
And I don't feel badly about it.
Its just the way it happened.

I do miss my friend though.


Friendship is just on of those things we cannot live without.
It is what makes us want to do things.
It is what makes us do things.
It is WHO makes us do things
For if it were not for friendship what would we do?

Friendships are essential in life.

It is what we look forward to.
What we always want surrounding us.



Stumbled across these Portraits by Esty and really feel like they capture the essence of the person.

This one really sparked my interest.

Handmade Portraits: YOKOO from Etsy on Vimeo.

I want to find my passion.
the thing that rules my world.

because when it comes down to it..
you have to do what you love,

not work a job to pay for a passion you cannot even find the time to do.


Sitting in class
Tired of school

I feel like progress has stopped and I have hit a plateau .
I may be stuck in a cast for 3-6 months and I have no idea how I am going to deal with it

Sometimes I get confused on what I should do or what I should want. But when I think about it, I am happy with where I am.
I get shaken up, and my mind wanders, but it's not worth it.

I wish I could take a day off and spend a day riding my bicycle in san Francisco, but looks like I wont be able to do that in a long while

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I'm laying around hurting

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A Rhyme, Two Less Than a Dime

The eighth floor is where I lie,
but please don't ask,
for I do not know why.

Its where I go.
where I go to get under,
to rid myself of this horrid plunder.

The market,
the place,
for it's where we take space.

The corruption
The lies,
I am seeing it in your eyes.

Shake it,
leave it,
before they take it.

the twinkle,
that spark,
yet you feel in the dark.

For you are awake,
dont let them steal,
the one thing,
that still makes you feel.

Self Reliance

I feel like I have forgotten the way I was
they way I thought.

There were things I always knew, always told myself
and they blew out the window.

I need to go back to when I took initiative.
When I worked for what I wanted,
when I was always running around for me.

I feel like I am living in a stagnant state right now.
I am stuck
As if caught in an invisible trap
Unable to move,
but unaware of my inability.

It is time.
why should I stay stuck when I know it is not where I want to be...

time to move.
to get out
to try new things
to be lost
to escape.


Maybe next semester I will be there :)

Nothing to do

there is nothing you do.
YOu can try your best,
make them feel like they are your eeverything.

And throw it all away in one second
I feel horrible

What is one to do?

For there is nothing I can do to make you feel better.
I do all I can
Never enough.

But I see now.
As I gave you it all.
you were still in it.
As you acused me, you were the same.
you pretend to me,

You are the one .

you know what i mean...

i am tired.
if you shall not forgive me
then I guess it not to be
for all you have said is in the past and like the leaves have blown away,

I do it all foryou
i promise.
for i hope you see
how i have changed,
you have failed to see
over and over.

if again
it is ok.
i must look past


in some ways I feel this is inevitable

it was bound to happen.
I saw it
I knew it.
It hurts to see it in actaulity.
like a slap in the face
I am shocked and upset
wish it never happened
but Unfortunatly It did,

nothing I can do but tell you I am sorrry



consumption creates more burdens than it does benefits.

I feel like I should know this by now